Current Affiliation
Ph.D. Candidate and Graduate Assistant
qqDepartment of Economics, Pennsylvania State University
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qqPrimary Responsibilities:

qqqqqDissertation Work
qqqqqResearch Assistantship for Faculty
qqqqqTeaching Graduate and Undergraduate Courses
Academic Degrees
Ph.D. in Economics
qqDepartment of Economics, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA USA
qqYear Awarded: 2024 (expected)
qqDissertation Title:
qqqqq"Essays on Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy"
qqDissertation Committee:
qqqqqDr. David Argente, Dr. Ross Doppelt and Dr. Ruilin Zhou
B.Sc. in Economics
qqFaculty of Economic Sciences, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russian Federation
qqYear Awarded: 2019
qqThesis Title:
qqqqq"Financial Repression in a Model of Strategic Fiscal and Monetary Policy Interaction"
qqAcademic Advisor:
qqqqqDr. Sergey Pekarski
qqGPA: 8.94 / 10
Past Affiliations
Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia)
Monetary Policy Department, Division of Macroeconomic Analysis and Forecasting
Research Economist
qqJan—Aug 2019
qqPrimary Responsibilities & Achievements:

qqqqqDevelopment of macroeconomic nowcasting and forecasting models à la DSGE and BVAR for a subset of developed and emerging economies;
qqqqqEstimation of the long-run potential Gross Domestic Products for a subset of emerging economies;
qqqqqDeveloped a forecasting framework for the country-level risk-premiums for a subset of emerging economies.
Intern Economist
qqJun—Aug 2017
qqPrimary Responsibilities & Achievements:

qqqqqPreparation of economic outlooks for different regions of the Russian Federation à la the Beige Book of the Federal Reserve System of the USA;
qqqqqEstimation of Gross Regional Products, output gaps and region-level Phillips Curves for different regions of the Russian Federation.
National Research University Higher School of Economics
Faculty of Economic Sciences, International Laboratory for Macroeconomic Analysis (ILMA)
Research Intern
qqFeb 2018—Dec 2020
qqPrimary Responsibilities:

qqqqqThesis work
qqqqqResearch assistantship for faculty
Teaching Assistant
qqJan 2017—Dec 2018
qqPrimary Responsibilities:

qqqqqOrganization of homework review sessions for students
qqqqqHomework and exams grading
Public Service
Macroeconomics Study and Research Group
qqDepartment of Economics, Pennsylvania State University

qqqqqOrganization and coordination of weekly student-run seminars in Aug—Dec 2022
Additional Professional Training
University of Pennsylvania
qqPenn Institute for Economic Research, Philadelphia, PA USA

qqqqqWorkshop on Quantitative Tools for Macroeconomic Policy Analysis (2023)
University of Surrey
qqCentre for International Macroeconomic Studies, Guildford, United Kingdom

qqqqqAdvanced Courses on DSGE Macroeconomic Modeling (2022)
qqqqqFoundations of DSGE Macroeconomic Modeling (2018)

Conference Presentations
American Economic Association, ASSA Annual Meeting
qqJan 5—7th 2024, San Antonio, TX
Southern Economic Association, 93d Annual Meeting
qqNov 18—20th 2023, New Orleans, LA
Midwest Economics Association, 87th Annual Meetings
qqMar 31st—April 2nd 2023, Cleveland, OH
2nd ILMA Workshop "Frontiers of Macroeconomic Research: Public Debt, Private Debt and Financial Repression"
qqJun 21st—22nd 2019, Moscow, National Research University Higher School of Economics
ILMA Research Seminar
qqFeb 28th 2019, Moscow, National Research University Higher School of Economics
14th Inter-College Scientific Conference "Russian Stock Market: Current State and Opportunities for Private Investor"
qqMay 16th 2017, Moscow, Moscow Exchange
Other Conference Participations
XIV Annual Conference of the Russian American Science Association
qqOct 14—15th 2023, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL
John Morgan Penn State Alumni Conference
qqMay 12—13th 2023, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA
Young Economist Symposium 2022
qqAug 19—20th 2022, Yale University, New Haven, CT
The New Economic School 25th Anniversary Conference in Economics and Finance
qqDec 18—19th 2017, Moscow
XXVI International Financial Congress: "Finance for Development"
qqJul 12—14th 2017, St. Petersburg
Awards and Honors
2023 Grant Award by the Center for Slavic, Eurasian, and East European Studies (CSEEES) at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and Russian American Science Association
Bronze Medalist in All-Russian Student Olympiad "I Am Professional" in 2018/2019 academic year in category "Economics"
Twice awarded with Increased State Academic Scholarship in Jun 2018 and Feb 2019 for noteworthy academic achievements
Semifinalist in the "Empower Russia - 2017" business case championship under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia
Awarded with Golden Medal for the excellent school study in 2015
Constant Medalist and Winner of All-Russian School Olympiads in History, Social studies, Economics and Law in 20122015
Language Skills
Native Russian
Fluent English
Basic Ukrainian
Basic French
Computer Skills